markemotion was invited to present Oculus and 360° virtual reality at the Public Broadcasters International congress in Munich.

What if you could extend the way you look, you see and you could experience films, sports or entertainment? Because wherever you look – the film will follow. Nearer. Wilder. Imagine: You can be there. Wherever „there“ is. And you can reach everything. Experience the power of 360 stereoscopic videos – based on Oculus technology. Feel the power of being somewhere – or of being someone else.

On the Public Broadcasters International congress in Munich we showed the world’s 200 greatest broadcasters the possibilities of this revolutionary technology. Because in virtual reality you can reach the dream of flying or breathing under water. If you want, you can take a seat in the first row of a soccer arena – even if you are not there or don’t have a ticket. markemotion is specialized on producing 360° virtual reality videos or live streaming up to 4K resolution.

So we are going to take you into a new era of entertainment, sports or journalism that will take part in every day’s life in 2016. All YOU need is a virtual reality headset like the Samsung GearVR. All WE need is content for this new reality. So let’s talk about it!

Watch the Virtual Reality Oculus Trailer.
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